“And honestly I wanna see you be brave.”

I was shaking when I did it. My hands were trembling, my voice wouldn’t work and I promptly forgot everything I’d carefully rehearsed in order to do it. But the time had come, I knew that without taking this step nothing would ever happen and I would be starting a million sentences with “what if…” So I sat down opposite my boss and handed my notice in.

For most people I guess it wouldn’t seem like such a big deal, and I had certainly done it many times before but let me explain, this job was home. For years it had been the only familiar thing in an ocean of change, despondency and fear. On top of all that it was “the dream job” I’d worked so hard for and spent every day heartily agreeing when people told me I had the best job in the world. Zoo Keeping does that to you. So the thought of saying goodbye to the people that were practically family, the place that was home, and those beautiful incredible animals that I loved so much required a sense of certainty I didn’t yet have. In short I needed to be brave.

I’m not good at being brave.

Like many of the animals I look after, when threatened I generally try to hide, make myself invisible, and above all, avoid eye contact! But there was no escape from this situation that I had created myself so in the same place where my life had changed so dramatically a few years previously, I outlined my plan to change it again. Thankfully my boss was thrilled.

A few weeks later Peter had done the same thing and we could finally make it (facebook) official. We posted this photo explaining what we were doing and soon after I became rather overwhelmed at the outpouring of love, support and encouragement from our friends, family and the zoo keeping community. With exactly 3 months to go there was no going back.

the world


2 thoughts on ““And honestly I wanna see you be brave.”

  1. I cried when I read this – it’s so moving! So-o-o-o-o looking forward to this blog! It’ll be a world beater!


  2. Sarah, that is so lovely. I really think that you and Peter are doing the right thing. Go out and graspl life with both hands. You have family and friends that are behind you. I will be following 6 our adventures with great interest, as I have through out your life. Will we get to see you before you Go? I do hope so. Xxxx


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