“Just give me some candy”

It is a truth universally acknowledged that people who eat healthily are, in fact, healthier. And I would like to say…..bollocks to that! In the time we have been in Spain I have eaten more vegetables and healthy food in a day than I would have eaten in a fortnight back home. And our chef is amazing, she cooks all sorts of inventive dishes from around the world. All the food here is locally grown, organically produced and is in no way processed, packaged or preserved in any way. We have mainly been eating vegetarian so there has also been very little meat and I have even attempted cooking my own veggie dishes. My parents would be proud to know how much healthy stuff I have consumed and actually enjoyed – the aubergine, who knew the miracle of a grilled aubergine! However I must admit the onion will forever be that evil disgusting enigma that it is to me. I haven’t even eaten Nutella since I’ve been here (and those of you who know me know just how big a deal that is).

BUT (and this is a big but)  I do not feel any healthier than on my old (terrible) diet. Instead of having endless energy fuelled by vegetables I have gas. I also do not have that magical glow that healthy people claim to have, in fact, my skin is spottier than ever. And finally, I have actually put on weight – ain’t that a bitch! So I have a little inspirational message for all of you out there. Eat cake! Eat 2 slices, consume as much cheese as you can, swim in fountains of chocolate and enjoy any and all junk food that comes your way. Do this in rememberance of me for I have eaten zucchini on a daily basis and have been lead into sugared temptation.




One thought on ““Just give me some candy”

  1. Keep ’em coming Sarah B !! As one who needs very little encouragement to eat crap…I’m grateful for your ( completely-unnecessary-really) encouragement !!👍👍👌👌
    Sounds like a good trip so far ….X


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