“Isn’t it good Norwegian wood…this bird has flown.”

Norway is long, narrow and diverse. In one short trip and anchored to an island it felt like we had barely scratched the surface. We had explored as much as we could and enjoyed all opportunities that arose but I was hungry for more. I looked in envy at winter activities further inland or north. Places likes Tromso which had northern lights, sled Dogs and Orca sightings off-shore. Or even further north to Svalbard to see those mighty great white Bears and Musk Ox. I imagined how our trip in the south west of Norway might have been different in another season. Pulpit Rock or Trolltunga could be attempted and maybe we would even reach Tysnessata given the longer days.

I adored our time in Norway but before I had even left I was desperate to come back to experience more. With such a diverse array of habitats, wildlife, seasonal activities and adventure I was hopeful that one day I could return to this frosty mountainous landscape blanketed in troll infested forests and endless waterfalls to enjoy even more of what it had to offer.

In our final few days we took the canoe out on the lake which was great fun despite the sometimes torrential rain surrounding us. We also went on a longer hike which started low in the enchanted forests and peaked at a mountain plateau at the back of Tysnessata where the sun finally hit our faces after nearly four weeks of absence. This was not due to a lack of the sun but because of the lie of the land. All winter the farm is never in the sunshine due to the surrounding mountains hiding from view. But come the spring they get it all day long. The views from the mountain plateau were astronomical and, eventually back on the original Tysnesata trail everything looked very different without snow this time around. Once again we decided against reaching the trig point due to the dying light levels but it constantly beckons for another adventure.

Our hosts had been kind enough to give us branded T-shirts of the farm to take with us and we promised to get lots of photos of us wearing them in far of countries. I had settled into the farm far too well and was particularly sad to leave our cosy cabin. I was finding with travel that as soon as we were settled we were off again but perhaps this is the best way to explore and ensure we were seeing as much as we could.

Our next adventure was to be, quite literally, the polar opposite of Norway. We were due to fly to a far off country averaging 30 degree Celsius heat, even at night and high humidity, exotic food and wildlife. A world away from my beloved Norway the next country on the list was to be…Cambodia.


2 thoughts on ““Isn’t it good Norwegian wood…this bird has flown.”

  1. Hey Sarah B !! Just read your inspirational blog for the first time in ages….love what you’re doing ! This one you wrote on my birthday !
    In 7 days I’ll be on a plane ( 3 actually ) to Oz …at long last ! Never been more ready for a complete change ….
    Lovely to know you’re having the time of your life…and long may it continue.
    Love from Sharon xxx


  2. Thanks Sharon, so happy to hear you’re enjoying the blog. Good luck on your own adventures, Oz will be amazing and I’ll wave from New Zealand when we get there! William’s memory has been travelling around the world with us too as I talk about him a lot with everyone we meet. Big hugs and have the time of your life down under!


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