“Hold me fast cos I’m a hopeless wanderer.”

I’ve been blogging for a year. I have spent the best part of 365 days writing down thoughts on travel, exploring opinions about places and people and documenting the progress of healing from deep wounds. I have to admit I am rather addicted. Some days the words don’t come and it feels like a chore. But most days it’s such a releasing action to be able to expel the chaos of my internal mind by writing it all down. Describing a place with words rather than a mere photograph forces you to re-live the moment all over again in such an exquisite amount of detail that you can sometimes blur the reality of it with your own imagination.

I admit that this blog is a confusing array of all sorts of themes. I don’t have a definitive topic to discuss. It’s just a story about travel with many external influencing factors. I can selfishly highlight my passions and emotions without much thought to whether an outside audience will even understand the context. It’s luxuriously hedonistic at worst and a simple update to show my parents I am still alive at best. But it’s mine, it’s been going for a year and it harbours so many reminders of all our adventures that I can’t help but feel proud of it.

Re-reading past posts confirms the joy, both of the initial adventure and the literary descriptions relating to it. Adjectives are such a pleasure to work with. It may not be famous, it may not have millions of subscribers (although I have had readers from all over the globe) but it is still a way to connect and explore. Other travel blogs have given me the inspiration to venture further and that irrefutably necessary comfort of knowing someone else has gone before you and struggled in the same way you have.

I don’t know what will become of my little corner of creative freedom when we do finally land back on British soil again but this blog was there from before we started and I hope it will still be there after we finish. And I want to thank each and every one of you for choosing to journey onwards with us along the way. I hope you continue to enjoy the hopeless wanderings of my mind as we hopelessly wander around this planet.


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