About Us

Sarah and Peter are a couple who come home at the end of the day smelling absolutely terrible. Despite being young(ish) their muscles ache, their bones creak and their arms and hands are covered in scars. And yet they smile at the thought of doing it all again the next day. In short they are zoo keepers!

Sarah is wolf obsessed, phobic of snakes, with an equine background and a new found love for primates. She finds this rather confusing as she never had an interest in primates before she started working with them. And now she’s addicted. Also known as “Crazy Baboon Lady.” Aside from animals her passions include cheese and pancakes (NOT together!), photography, the adventures of her well travelled spade, daydreaming, baking and snow. She is the one writing the blog.

Reasons to travel the world: Facing fears, hoping to heal, running from the past, finding something new, stop being so pale, gain more animal experience, telling stories, taking photos, finding the magic and keeping it.

Peter is passionate about carnivores (although he has worked with a lot of hoofstock) and is a determined carnivore himself. Anything meaty he loves. Sarah once made him a “steak cake” and it was one of the happiest days of his life. His passions include a strange taste in musicals, photography, working out and very bad puns. He is the poor long suffering individual who has decided to stick by Sarah’s side on this mad adventure.

Reasons to travel the world: cos why not