In Memoriam

In January 2015 we sadly lost my nana Olive Cameron Black. But she had an incredible life!

She was part of the Women’s Land Army in the war, working with 3 Suffolk Punch heavy horses despite being told that she looked like a slight breeze might knock her over.

She grew beautiful prize winning tulips.

She always saw the good in everyone.

She found love for a second time in her 70’s

She was one of those kind gentle souls which are so rare to find these days

She was occasionally convinced my sister was named “Vera”

She would use the phrase “corn in Egypt!” When surprised or frustrated

She would play a mean game of Scrabble but never got the hang of Countdown

She always gave me Creme Eggs of Jaffa Cakes when I was a kid

She had an unshakeable faith in God

She lived for years with diabetes (despite being a lover of all things sugary)

She really was “tough as old boots” but she never let that harden her.

This trip is being partly funded by this wonderful lady and so I wanted to give a brief description of how incredible she was, how much she is missed by all of us and how I hope I can, one day, be as inspiring yet humble as she always has been.